Asian Jewelry - Vintage and Antique, Chinoisiere

Asian art began to influence design and fashion among the most creative artists of the late 1800’s. The result – a specific trend in fashion called Chinoisiere – in the Chinese style. Both Chinese and Japanese manufacturers created items using their particular qualities of design and technique, but adapted the products to Western use and taste. In the 1880’s both Japanese and Chinese jewelry were introduced to the fashion of Europe and North America. Old Chinese amulets were used to create necklaces, Peking glass beads became popular. Mandarin court jewelry was disassembled and made into suitable items for the Western wardrobe. Feathers from wonderful birds were combined with precious and semi precious stones. Carved pieces of jade and nephrite, coral and cinnabar were set into exquisite filigree settings for brooches. As you browse through our selection of Import items, keep this history in mind, and enjoy adding a piece or two to your collection of vintage and antique jewelry.
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