Antique Chinese nephrite jade wedding basket Devil's Work earrings. erja898

Antique Chinese nephrite jade wedding basket Devil's Work earrings

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Early 20th century. rare antique, carved Chinese Nephrite Jade Earrings. Earrings are double sided in the traditional shape of a Chinese wedding basket. These earrings are finely carved genuine natural nephrite jade devil's work pieces connected to sterling silver caps and sterling silver ear wires. . Please note that the carving patterns are slightly different as is common in hand-carved pieces such as these.

Often referred to as “Devil’s work”, the one Jade stone has been carved into three interlocked movable sections. It was said that human hands could not do such amazing work, hence how these flower basket carvings earned the name “Devil’s work”.

2 7/8 inches total length. Jade pendant is 2 inches. 7/8 inch at the widest. 11.3 grams

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