Vintage Tibetan faux amber resin round bead, chased brass caps. 20 to 23mm.1970s. 1 pc. b4-amb114

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Vintage Tibet Nepal transparent greenish-yellow amber resin round bead with repousse brass caps .  This bead was acquired in the 1970s in Nepal and is stunning and  well made.  Age uncertain. 20 to 23mm.  A stunning focal bead.
     The Tibetans sometimes applied brass or silver caps to the ends of valuable ancient stone beads such as etched carnelians, dZi and banded agates to conceal damage or reinforce fragile beads.  This style has been copied in some vintage and contemporary capped beads from Nepal.
      This is a beautiful hand carved bead that was made 50 years ago and is much higher quality and has more character than the ones mass produced today.