Old large Tibetan repousse sterling silver capped resin red faux amber bead. 33x26mm. 1pc. b4-amb106

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Vintage Tibetan repousse sterling silver capped red amber resin bead. Average size 33x26mm. These beads are hand made and vary slightly in size. Bead hole size on the silver cap averages 2m. The size of the amber bead hole within is around 1.5mm. Purchased in Nepal in the 1970s. Sold individually.

The Tibetans sometimes applied gold or silver caps to the ends of valuable ancient stone beads such as etched carnelians, dZi and banded agates to conceal damage or reinforce fragile beads. This style has been copied in some vintage and contemporary silver-capped beads from Nepal.

These beads were made around 50 years ago and are higher quality and have much more character than the ones being mass produced today.

These make fabulous focal beads