Gemstone Bead Mix,Vintage, High Quality. 4-10mm. 5 oz box. b19-0112-gemstone

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Not your ordinary glass bead mix. A box of approximately 5 oz. of good quality semi-precious gemstone beads. 4mm to 10mm round beads plus a few teardrops and saucer shapes. These beads have good polish and are well drilled. From a jewelry manufacturer's warehouse from the 1980s.  No box is the same; they are filled randomly. Singles and multiples. box is 3-3/4x3x5 inches.

Gemstones may include  Amethyst, TigerEye Agate, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Garnet, Clear Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Onyx, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Hematite, Aventurine

We’ve been selling vintage beads for over 15 years and have accumulated lots of beautiful single orphan and small lots left over from sold out stock. Here’s a opportunity to grab some vintage quality gemstone beads at a bargain price.