Spectacular Italian carved Mediterranean Angeskin coral flower basket sash ornament. 1950s. pdja763sbk

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A spectacular Italian carved Mediterranean Angel Skin coral flower basket sash ornament. This amazing coral piece was carved in Italy in the 1950s. It has loops on the Platinum back side for a sash but could be easily modified to serve as a brooch or pendant.

The term Angel Skin is exemplified by this outstanding coral carving. It is described as half-way between pink and peach, a lighter and cleaner color than salmon. This piece is unique, despite being a traditional hand carved motif, a basket filled with flowers. It is such a large piece (393.1 carats) of coral that similar examples could not be found by us for sale at this time. 

This organic gem carving is of a quality not easily expressed, but a single glance will confirm its excellence.  Petals on the roses curl back revealing the inner bud. The Lily bursts forth with stamens heavy with pollen. Lilies of the Valley and Forget-Me-Nots dangle from thin fine stems and leaves carved with veins gleam in the background. The depth and detail in the carving is paramount to its value. Set in an open work platinum backing with design that includes a wave and a bird. The back has two loops - made to be worn on a half inch ribbon or belt, or a chain or cord could be looped through to wear it as a pendant. I was told it was originally meant as an Obi ornament. This would make an amazing ornament on a wedding dress as well as an evening ensemble.

It is also such an exquisite piece that simply being displayed in a case or shadow box in your home would make an interesting focal point. At 393.1 carats, it measures approximately 2 inches tall, 2.7 inches wide and almost an inch thick. It is in pristine condition and is signed with the initials SPM or SPK, which we have been unable to identify.


393.1 carats Angel Skin coral
Platinum setting