Silesian wirework medallion and cross necklace, early 19th century . nlfn119(e)

Silesian wirework medallion and cross necklace, early 19th century . n

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An early 19th century woven iron wire necklace, sometimes called Silesian wirework because it was thought to have been made in Silesia, then in Germany and Poland. Also known as Berlin Iron. There are very few surviving pieces today. The cross and medallion are made with thousands of tiny loops of continuous wire. The medallion is in the form a a rosette with a steel sequin in the middle. attached to the rosette are 6 smaller rosettes followed by an ocean wave style chain. The ocean wave ornament can also be seen on the front of the cross. This necklace is completely intact in original condition with no visible rust, several tiny spots of verdegris and no wire breakage The cross measures 2 inches in length. The rosette medallion is 1.25 inches in diameter. Together with the chain they total 3.75 inches in length. The circumference of the necklace is17 inches. The hook is a simple steel hook added much later. This necklace is amazingly light. only 11 grams. It is in excellent condition. Quite amazing given its age of almost 200 years. This necklace came from an antique dealer's estate and been waiting in storage for many years to be presented in all of its glory. The wirework in this piece is a lost art and is indeed breathtaking.

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