Rare beads of Japanese Momo precious coral with perforations caused by the boring-sponge. All natural. 2 beads. 7.82 grams.b4-cor462

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Rare beads of Japanese Momo precious coral perforated and etched by boring-sponges. This invasive process occasionally will produce a coral bead with a myriad of tiny perforations that create a unique beauty. These beads are expertly cut and are neither resin impregnated nor dyed. Beads in these large sizes are a real find. These beads should not be confused with sponge coral. They mix beautifully with angel-skin and other precious corals. 2 matching 16mm beads.  7.82 grams.

The boring sponge (Cliona Celata) emits an acid that creates little tunnels in the coral which become a habitat for the sponge.

These are vintage coral beads obtained from a collector.