Edwardian Hand-Painted Porcelain Pin. pned67

Edwardian Hand-Painted Porcelain Pin. pned67

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A very popular hobby for Victorian and Edwardian ladies was to paint delicate china pins with roses and other flowers. This pin is a fine example of a masterfully painted pin from this period. The design features three full-blown pink roses and a bud ready to open surrounded by leaves and a delicately tinted blue, yellow, pink and white background. The porcelain is in excellent shape with no loss of paint or scratches. The porcelain painting is set in a metal bezel that was at one time plated with gold which has worn away to show the silver metal. This wear is not at all unattractive; it gives a wonderful vintage patina to the pin. The back of the pin has a safety clasp that was probably added at a later date than the original pin body was made. 40x33mm

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