Old Peking glass 19x20mm round bead in opaque teal. sold individually. b11-BL-2117

Old Chinese wound glass bead. 19x20mm bead in opaque teal.

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Item #: b11-BL-2117
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Rare old Chinese wound glass 19x20mm round bead in opaque teal blue. These beads date from the early to mid 20th century. these beads are handmade and date to the early 20th century. These large beads were often used as counterweights to court jewelry as well as table cloths. They weigh in at 11 grams. 4mm hole. Very rare and very limited quantity.

These beads are popularly called Peking glass but are not true Peking glass. These have the distinctive soft gemstone colors and bubbles of old Chinese glass made in Boshan, Shandong province in China.

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