Old Chinese opaque bottle green wound "Peking" glass beads. 22-25mm. b11-gr-2079

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Antique Chinese opaque bottle green wound glass beads. these are hand made and measure 20x22mm to 22x25mm with 4mm holes. These beads were imported from China in first two decades of the 20th century. They make excellent focal beads and blend nicely with amber, carnelian, bone, onyx and more.  They are in very good condition for their age with only a few fleabites here and there.  These have been out of production for almost a century.  Very rare and very limited quantity. Sold individually.

These beads are popularly called Peking glass but are not true Peking glass.  They have the soft colors and bubbles of old Chinese glass.  Before 1911, the end of the Qing Dynasty, a finer version of beads of this type were used in Mardarin Court jewelry.

We are excited to have acquired these gorgeous beads.  They are very difficult to find and we have limited quantities.