Necklace of vintage semi-baroque Japanese Akoya cultured 9mm pearls, 35 inches. 14k gold clasp. C. 1950s. nlbd1273

vintage semi-baroque Japanese Akoya pearl necklace. 35". C. 1950s.

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One strand of semi-baroque Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls measuring approximately 35 inches in length and measuring 9mm. in diameter. It is joined with a yellow gold clasp stamped 14K. This type of pearl was often referred to as “tadpole” pearls due to the tail -like formation on each pearl. Thee luster is very high and uniform and the color is a silver-white with rose and blue overtones. The length allows this strand to be doubled or worn as a single necklace. These pearls are from a past era – circa 1950’s – when Japan produced the worlds supply of cultured pearls.

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