Necklace of vintage graduated fine blush Angelskin coral beads. Sterling clasp. 19in. nlja910

Graduated fine blush Angelskin coral bead necklace. Sterling clasp.

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Necklace of vintage fine Angel skin coral light blush graduated beads with three large Angel skin coral focal beads.  that are carved from the trunk and wide branches of the coral colony. The center bead is somewhat irregular in shape and has beautiful color and deep crevice. These beads provide a wonderful contrast to the smooth beads surrounding them. These superb and rare beads have been examined to our GIA certified gemologist and certified to be completely natural and untreated.  Sterling silver push in clasp. These beads are old.  They were acquired in the 1960s and 1970s and are newly restrung.  19 inches.  Beads are graduated from 7mm to 23mm.

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