Natural colorless topaz diamond briolette pendant in 14k yellow gold. pdgm117

Natural colorless topaz diamond briolette pendant in 14k yellow gold

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In 1811 Napolean Bonaparte gifted Marie Louise a 275 carat diamond briolette housed today in the Smithsonian. What have we here? A large colorless natural topaz briolette in beautiful company indeed! This elegant necklace enhancer is set with a beautifully faceted topaz capped with four fingers of 14K yellow gold set with a total of 16 graduated Old European and single cut diamonds. The top bail opens to allow this jewel to be slipped over a necklace and closes with a safety. The hinged bail is set with an additional four diamonds. The total carat weight of the diamonds is approximately 0.25 carats. The colorless topaz is imposing, and measures 30x15mm. It is perfectly faceted, allowing maximum light play. For added interest, to fully captivate all the light interplay, it must move with the wearer as she is twirled around the ballroom by her partner. Some pieces of estate jewelry just seem to weave a romantic tapestry. The briolette stone is the most difficult of stone cut to execute requiring a high degree of experience and skill.

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