Moroccan Berber necklace with enameled silver amulet box, Mediterranean coral and silver beads. nlet813cse

Moroccan Berber necklace with enameled silver amulet box

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Berber tribal necklace with old high content silver enameled amulet box, strung with multiple strands of gorgeous red Mediterranean coral, sterling and mixed metal silver beads. As with tribal jewelry, the silver content of the beads varies. The smaller granulated beads and smooth beads are high content silver. The two large beads with applied wire and granulation are a mix of low and higher content silver. The amulet measures 2" x 1-7/8". Each multiple coral strand from base to hook is 13 1/4 inch.. Necklace circumference is 29 inches. Necklace weights 142 grams.

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