Edwardian-Art Deco transitional ring in 14k with gold filigee and natural blue sapphire size 9.25. rgad137e

Edwardian-Art Deco ring in 14k with gold filigee and natural sapphire

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On close examination the amount of skill and time that went into the construction of this ring is astounding. Dozens of hand-worked sections of twisted white-gold wire have been delicately welded into place with amazing 3-dimensional precision to create a stunning pattern of spirals and loops on every surface of this handsome ring. Surmounting the top of the filigree work are 3 bezel-set natural, deeply colored blue sapphires. The center stone measures 6mm and the side stones 4mm. The stones are in excellent condition with a tiny chip on the side of the center stone that can only be seen under 1-x magnification. The back of the ring is solid and can easily be sized. A very unusual and wearable piece to add to your antique jewelry collection.

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