Earrings of vintage Japanese Lake Biwa freeform baroque pearls and sterling silver. eror471e

Earrings of Japanese Lake Biwa baroque pearls and sterling silver wire


Item #: j-or-er471
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A superb pair of pearl earrings featuring genuine vintage Japanese Lake Biwa freeform freshwater pearls. These pearls have been handpicked for their shape, color and amazing nacre and iridescence. All natural colors range from subtle pinks to silver blue. Assembled with sterling silver wire and sterling ear wires. 2.25 inches in length including ear wire. The large bottom pearls are approximately 15mm in diameter. The wide pearl above is approximately 19mm across. Modern freshwater pearls are often termed Biwa pearls but these are the genuine article. They were purchased by a dealer in Japan in the 1970's. A truly one of a kind pair of earrings to grace any any outfit from a wedding dress to a jean jacket. Definitely worth a splurge.

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