Carved aquamarine pendant necklace with Japanese Akoya semi-baroque pearls and tourmaline beads. 14k yellow gold. pdgm116

Carved aquamarine pendant necklace with Japanese Akoya pearls

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Gemstones are most often fashioned to faceted cuts that reflect light back to the viewer. Sometimes they are simply fashioned into cabochon cuts. Rarely however, a gemstone artist will view a piece of rough gem material and become inspired to use the gem as a canvas to render a work of wearable art. Such is the case with this elegantly carved royal phoenix pheasant nestled gently is curved foliage and tiny delicate flowers. The pendant is set in a in e 14k gold double curved frame. This pastel blue gem is a singular piece of sculpted art. The carving was executed by an oriental hand and the gem was uncovered in Brazil. The attention to balance and detail is evident as shown. It is pierced to add drama and separation to the motif. The pendant dates from the 1950's and measures approximately 2.3" x 1.7". The pendant is strung with vintage Japanese Akoya semi-baroque 6mm pearls and a gradient of 10 8mm smooth round Brazilian tourmalines. 18 inches with 14K yellow gold clasp.

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