Beautiful kite shaped opal, sugalite and malachite intarsia 33.50 x 32.00mm. pdfn119

Beautiful kite shaped opal, sugalite and malachite intarsia

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This unique work of art is known as intarsia, a labor-intensive form of lapidary art that flourished in Western Europe during the 18th century It was thankfully received in the gem world in the 1980's, because intarsia involves such a high degree of intricacy and is created on such a small scale, the amount of concentration and time involved in producing one piece is incredible. This kite-shaped intarsia measures 33.50 x 32.00 mm and weighs 43.00 carats. An exquisite and precise work of lapidary art. The piece is comprised of beautiful milky white Australian opal with pinfire flashes as a centerpiece. Surrounding the center opal are two single strips of sugalite, with a strip of opal in between. The entire piece is framed by Russian malachite, which also serves to back the entire kite shaped frame. A truly inspired work of geometric art that would best be utilized as an important and highly collectible convertible pendant or brooch.

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