pdja751-Antique nephrite dragon and phoenix carved plaque

pdja751-Antique nephrite dragon and phoenix carved plaque

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An exquisitely carved rectangular plaque of very pale celadon nephrite jade. Carved on both sides, the Dragon rests atop, undulating, its body the total width of the piece. The Phoenix Is repetitively depicted on the front and back. What makes the piece so extraordinary is the depth of the piece and the intricate curvature of the piercing. Keep in mind that nephrite is tough and compact, and extremely difficult to carve. All this is painstakingly accomplished by hand and the depth of 7.10 mm, requires both strength and skill. The material is evenly translucent and is absent of any inclusions. At one corner is a slight vein of rust coloration caused by iron oxide. This is a very rare antique nephrite. The overall measurements are 58.60 mm. x 38.90 mm. The Dragon and Phoenix peacefully coexist amidst intertwined leaves and tendrils with over 100 piercings at well-calculated intervals, meticulously carved with a soft luster and light patina attesting the trace of age. This may have been used as a small scroll weight. For the Chinese, the fictional Dragon and Phoenix are traditional animals that symbolize auspiciousness. According to ancient records, the dragon appeared as a composite of many animals, such as the snake, alligator and lizard – long or short, small or huge, hidden yet active. It could inhabit any place – from the greatest heights to the lowest depths. Traveling between the skies and the earth, dragons were considered the heads of heavenly deities and governors of rainfall in Chinese culture. As kings of the waters, dragons lived in dragon palaces under the ocean. Because dragons are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, the Chinese often consider themselves to be decedents of the dragon, and Chinese emperors believed themselves to be real dragons. The Chinese Phoenix, likewise, exists only in legends and folklore. The phoenix was referred to as the “king of Birds”. As sovereign of all birds. It has the head of a golden pheasant, a parrots beak, the body of a mandarin duck, the wings of the mythological roc, the feathers of a peacock, and the legs of a crane. With its elaborate beauty, it TRULY reigns over the feathered world! Country of Origin: China Carved in China as well Circa: Early 19th Century

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