Antique Chinese glass Mandarin court necklace counterweight pendants. Sold individually. Rare. b11-pp-1195

Antique Chinese glass Mandarin court necklace counterweight pendant


Item #: b11-pp-1195
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Beautiful and rare antique Chinese glass pendants, often mistakenly called Peking glass, These have the soft colors and bubbles of old Chinese glass. This type of glass was often intended to simulate gemstones such as jade, lapis and coral.  Each of these pendants is unique.  Each has a metal cap, some with the remains of iridescent Kingfisher feathers, very popular in court jewelry.  The length of the drop, cap and small glass bead atop averages  41mm and the width at the bottom of the pendant  20mm.  Sold individually.

These make fabulous earrings so let us know if  you'd like us to match them for you.

We are very excited to have acquired these gorgeous beads.  These are very difficult to find and we have very limited quantities.

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