b11-PP-0362 Vintage Czech Heart...
Vintage Czech frosted matte heart pendants. Hole at top of heart for jumpring or stringing. 10mm. Pkg of 8
B5-0124-Virgo Intaglio, 14mm. Pkg of 1
B5-0124-Virgo Intaglio, 14mm. Pkg...
Virgo astrological intaglio. Clear domed glass. Gold on blue. 14mm diameter. sold individually.
b9-0572 Vintage silver metal frame setting for 18x12mm cab. 33x28mm Pkg of 1
b9-0572 Vintage silver metal...
Vintage silver metal frame setting for 18x12mm cabochon. Outer dimensions 33x28mm Sold individually.
b9-0657-Vintage brass stamping. 1.5 x 1 in. Pkg. of 1
b9-0657-Vintage brass stamping. 1.5...
Vintage solid brass stamping in Art Nouveau style 2 3/4" X 2" outside diameter, 1 1/2" X 1" inside diameter....
b9-0710-Brass ankh pendant. 42x25mm Pkg. of 1
b9-0710-Brass ankh pendant. 42x25mm...
From the 1960s, brass ankh pendant.42x25mm. Sold individually.
b9-0864-Vintage stamped copper daisy. Pkg. of 2
b9-0864-Vintage stamped copper daisy....
Vintage stamped copper daisy. No hole. 30x25mm. Pkg of 2
Czech faux agate pressed flower beads. 15mm. Pkg of 10. b11-bl-0786(e)
Czech faux agate pressed...
Czech pressed flower beads. 15mm in that faux gemstone glass the Czechs do so well. Pkg of 10
Vintage copper coated steel bar chain. 1.5mm. Per foot. b12-chn520
Vintage copper coated steel...
Vintage copper coated steel bar chain. About 1.5mm wide. Straight rod is 22mm long. Korea. Sold by the foot
Vintage Czech Faux Agate Ovals. 9mm. Pkg of 10. B11-YO-0359(e)
Vintage Czech Faux Agate...
Little Czech faux agate ovals. Vintage. Stripes of purple, orange and crimson. 9mm. Pkg of 10.
Vintage rondelles with gold dots. 10mm. Pkg of 10. B11-GR-0626-2(e)
Vintage rondelles with gold...
Flat round emerald green disks encircled with gold dots . Hole runs front to back in center of the circle....
Vintage silver plated filigree disks. 15mm diameter. 4 pcs, b9-2142(e)
Vintage silver plated filigree...
Vintage silver plated filigree disks. 15mm diameter plus loop. Package of 4.
Vintage yellow brass beehive charm 20x14mm 4 pcs. b9-2117(e)
Vintage yellow brass beehive...
Vintage yellow brass beehive charm. Dark natural patina. Hollow back. 1 ring on top. Package of 4
Yellow brass earring hoops. 20mm. 1 pair. B9-2170(e)
Yellow brass earring hoops....
These brass metal beading hoops are a quick and easy way to design a wide variety of beaded hoop earrings....


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