Jade & Various Gemstone, Carvings and Figurines

Hardstone carving is the carving of predominantly semi precious and gemstones  such as jade, rock crystal, agate, onyx, jasper, serpentine, or carnelian. Objects are small, and the category overlaps with both jewelry and sculpture. From the Neolithic period until about the 19th century such objects were among the most highly prized in a wide variety of cultures, often attributed special powers or religious significance. The types of objects carved have included those with ritual or religious purposes, handles, belt hooks and similar items, vessels and purely decorative objects.Vintage & antique carvings and figurines of jadeite, nephrite and serpentine and gemstones like tigers eye and turquoise. The jade is vintage, purchased 30-40+ years ago and is of more reliable quality than the jade coming out of China today