Anodized Niobium Bead Coils 25x2mm tube. Vintage 1980s. Pkg. 2. b18-663

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Anodized Niobium Bead Coils 25x2mm tube. 0.9mm stringing hole. Vintage from the 1980s. Package of 2

Niobium is rare, relatively valuable and similar in appearance to metals like platinum or titanium. However, when anodized, it showcases unique, iridescent colors that make for eye-catching jewelry. Since the colors are created by electrical current, there is some slight variation in color.

Niobium features many of the characteristics of precious metals. It is rare, difficult to refine, and highly resistant to chemical attack. It is malleable and hypoallergenic – and its price is above the current silver spot. You might call it a “semiprecious” metal.