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Antique & Vintage Jewelry & Accessories

Vintage jewelry and accessories are as unique as the people who collect them. A Bakelite bangle or an enamel compact will always set you apart from the crowd. A moonstone Victorian necklace or a delicate Edwardian brooch will inspire your appreciation of beauty and evoke a sense of timelessness. An Art Nouveau necklace that belonged to your mother and grandmother creates a connection with them, a warm sentiment with which you can adorn yourself! Antique jewelry and vintage accessories can be works of art. Browse our collection of wearable collectibles and bring out your own unique style.

Our vintage and antique jewelry spans several eras. In our Victorian jewelry collection, you’ll find the popular mourning jewelry and sentimental jewelry of that era that will transport you to the decorative parlors of the 19th century. We feature an exciting array of art deco jewelry from the 20’s and 30's and a wonderful and quirky selection of retro jewelry from the 40’s to the 60’s. You’ll find vintage silver jewelry including Mexican silver, European and Siam silver, as well as early plastic jewelry, including celluloid, Lucite and Bakelite jewelry so popular with collectors today.

Vintage Beads, Findings and Components

If you like to make your own jewelry, pairing the contemporary and vintage jewelry or beads, please click on our Beads menu! Browse our collection of rare vintage glass beads and antique and vintage seed beads, bugles, sew-on and nail head beads from Czechoslovakia, Japan, Germany, Austria and China. You’ll find a tempting selection of vintage gemstone beads, shell and mother of pearl beads, vintage Czech beads and Austrian crystal beads, vintage plastic beads, cinnabar beads and Cloisonné beads. We also carry vintage carved bone & ivory beads, vintage findings, vintage chains, one of a kind vintage components and more for the creative jewelry maker.

Welcome to Earthly Adornments

Earthly Adornments is all about stories. Our fine collection of vintage antique jewelry, collectibles and accessories comes from a family tradition of finding the unique, the glamorous, the kitschy and the dramatic and every piece has a story, whether we know it or not! From the 1960’s in LA, to pieces collected worldwide, our collection represents the way jewelry has changed and evolved through history and culture and we welcome you to browse our incredible collection and find the piece that tells your story.

Earthly Adornments is divided into three major sections: jewelry, purses and accessories and beads. You will find many categories to explore within these three sections. In vintage jewelry, you will find a wonderful collection of bakelite & plastic jewelry, vintage Czech jewelry as well as vintage silver and vintage costume jewelry.

Exemplary and rare period pieces include Victorian jewelry and the popular mourning jewelry of the 19th century. Some of the art deco jewelry from the roaring 20's might have graced the beauties in some speakeasy, while retro jewelry from the 40's through the 60's may have been worn by our moms and grandmas.

In accessories you will find antique purses, antique buttons, ornate boxes and other unique collectibles.

The popular vintage beads section also features several categories, including the hard to find vintage Czech glass beads. Don't miss this fine collection.

Enjoy Earthly Adornments and let your imagination wander. Who wore this retro ring or this Victorian bracelet before you? The mystery of previous owners' lives, their adventures, their challenges and their personal style imbues vintage jewelry with the power and uniqueness of a personal history. Let the magic of times past interweave with your own history; add your story to these timeless wearable collectibles.