Light celadon Jadite carving of a swaddled baby in arms of reddish brown dragon. pdja766sbk

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In Chinese symbolism, the dragon symbolizes good fortune and strength.  The baby inside the protective arms of such a dragon holds a spherical object. This unique and unusual carved jadeite pendant has a light celadon background blending into the reddish brown of the dragon. The back of the carving is the dragon and the front displays the baby in cameo relief.  This piece was carved from a block of jade in which the artist was able to carve the baby and dragon in different colors inside the  the outer edge or “rind”.   A hole is drilled at the mouth of the dragon with an 18k gold wire and  bail. 53x34x23mm.  54.7 gr.  or 273.
It is in excellent condition without any wear or damage.
This piece was acquired from a collector who purchased it in the 1970s. I'm told it was carved early to mid 1900s.