Authentic old Tibetan collar of coral, amber, pearls silver Gau and turquoise. nlet816cs

Authentic old Tibetan collar of coral, amber, pearls and silver


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A stunning antique Bhutan collar studded with gemstones and silver. The centerpiece is a silver Gau box with inset repousse decor and a center and border of turquoise stones. The Gau box is surrounded with rows of amber, coral, turquoise freshwater pearls These beads are sewn onto a padded fabric collar with ties of twisted natural wool . The ends of the collar have sewn silver ornamental rectangles with carnelian center stone and bordered with turquoise stones. From the bottom of the collar hang 9 hollow silver repousse pendants. In between the pendants are some interesting beads including a beautiful Dzi bead at the center. This superb collar was not made for export but appears to be well worn. The interior fabric shows darkening from age and use and there are numerous hand-sewn patches repairing the fabric. The condition of the sewn rows of beads is excellent, There are no loose or missing beads. The silver repousse bead pendants at the bottom have a few minor dings on the The fabric collar is completely intact with two small areas of wear to the fabric. Outside perimeter:16 inches Inside perimete: 9 inches. Thickness: 1.25 inches. weight: 244 grams Estimated age: early 20th century

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