Vintage silver bezel-set Chinese carved Jadeite pendant, with Jadeite and coral bead necklace. 19 inches. nlja911

Carved Jadeite pendant, with Jadeite and coral bead necklace 19 inches


Item #: j-ja-nl911
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Old jade...don’t miss this chance to own a vintage jade pendant on a jade strand of beads accented with creamy pinky-peach coral. The limited supply of coral has made this piece highly desirable, the outstanding colors of the green veining in the pendant combine with the soft warm coral for colors rarely found in modern pieces. Multi color 10mm jade beads reflect several colors of jade, including green, white, and light hints of yellow and peach. There is an antique red coral bead between each of the jade beads. The sterling silver bezel-set pendant has a floral motif, and measures 1” x 1 1/2”. The necklace is 19” long with a heavy sterling silver hook clasp.

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