Vintage reproduction of an antique 3 to 6 eyeTibetan dZi bead capped in repoussé brass. 82x13mm. b10-0432

Vintage reproduction antique Tibetan dZi repousse brass caps.82x13mm.

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Vintage reproduction of an antique long 3 to 6 eye Tibetan dZi bead capped in repoussé brass.  Beautiful detail work.  The dZi bead with the brass components is hand crafted and substantial.  Purchased in Nepal in the 1980s.  82x13mm average size. 

The Tibetans sometimes applied gold or silver caps to the ends of valuable ancient stone beads such as etched carnelians, dZi and banded agates to conceal damage or reinforce fragile beads. This style has been copied in some vintage and contemporary silver-capped beads from Nepal.

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