Vintage Taxco sterling silver braided bangle bracelet. brvs889

Vintage Taxco sterling silver braided bangle bracelet. brvs889


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Great looking vintage Mexican Sterling hand made hollow link bracelet with raised balls and fleurettes. Exceptional design and workmanship. Bracelet Measures 7 1/4" Long By 1 1/2" Wide If not for the earliest silversmiths from Mexico, we would never have Native American Jewelry. Prior to 1948 before the government of Mexico put into effect the "Eagle Stamp" on all Mexican Silver jewelry, the only hallmarks were ; Made in Mexico, Mexico Silver, Mexico 950 and 980. Most mexican jewelry was made from Mexican Pesos, which were of .950 silver content. Mexico is reputed to have the best silver mines in the world. When the government made a unlawful to use pesos in jewelry making, then the true art of silversmithing began to flourish. This is a pre-eagle bracelet measuring 7&1/4" long and 1&1/2" wide with a bar and channel clasp. It is a very simple clasp but very ingenious. The links alternate from floral ornate double to smooth single ones. The hallmark is Made In Mexico, but is not stamped "Silver or its content". STAMPED STERLING SILVER MEXICO.

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