Vintage large natural undyed red-orange Mediterranean coral nugget beads. Sardinia. 16 inch strand. B4-cor430

Vintage natural Mediterranean Sardinia freeform coral nugget beads


Item #: B4-cor430
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Vintage large natural undyed salmon red Mediterranean coral nugget beads from Sardinia. These pieces are from the coral trunks and have a rustic look with visible pores. The color is a rich dark orange-red. The uncut naturally shaped chunks are all bored for stringing. Matte finish. 16 inch graduated strand with beads ranging in length 30mm to 10mm. 59 grams.

This is old natural undyed coral from the Mediterranean. It was acquired in the 1960s and is from a collector's estate. Due to over-harvesting of Mediterranean coral these beads are now extremely rare.

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