pdgm119(e)-Vintage jadeite carving of Quan Yin

pdgm119(e)-Vintage jadeite carving of Quan Yin

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Quan Yin is the universal goddess of compassion -- but what does she really symbolize? The terms “compassion and mercy” are not the best interpretation of Quan Yin’s energy. Rather, the energy she expresses is akin to what a mother feels for her child. It is fierceleyt loving and protective, a much stronger energy than is usually associated with compassion. As the legend goes, even though Quan Yin attained enlightenment just as she was about to enter heaven, she paused at the doorway, and hearing the cries of the world, decided the help humankind find the right path. And so elegantly presented in a small carved auburn jadeite jade statue to be displayed and cherished as a family heirloom. The carving measures approximately 3.00 x 2.00 inches and over ½ inch in depth. The material has been color enhanced to add dramatic contrast. Her flowing robes surround her as gentle waves dimensionally undulate her total being. The slight tilt of her head and her peaceful countenance radiate her universal love to all her children. Circa 1950’s

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