Vintage hand-carved Chinese pink angelskin coral cylindrical bead earrings. 14k gold wire. erja890

Vintage carved Chinese pink angelskin coral cylindrical bead earrings


Item #: j-ja-er890
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Two matched and exquisite vintage genuine untreated angel skin coral carved cylindrical beads with matching coral beads and 14k gold wire. The coral cylinder beads are intricately carved in serpent and Shou longevity motifs. The two cylinders are very well-matched in color and shape. The bottom and top of each cylinder bead has a small salmon coral bead and each hang from a 5mm matching coral bead. The cylinder beads are 17mm x 10mm and hang 2 inches from top of ear wire. 14k yellow gold wire and ear wires. The weight of the earrings are 8 grams.

These beads were purchased in Hong Kong in the 1970s. Coral beads like are now extremely very difficult to acquire and very scarce.

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