Vintage glass bead mix in an array of yellow colors from Europe, Japan and beyond. 5 oz box. b19-0112-Lemon Drop

Mix of vintage yellow color beads from Europe and Asia. 5 oz box.

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Item #: b19-0112-Lemon
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Not your ordinary glass bead mix. A box of approximately 5 oz. of mostly vintage glass beads from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Japan, India and more. A wonderful collection of many shapes and sizes in an array of yellow colors. No box is the same; they are filled randomly. Singles and multiples. box is 3-3/4x3x5 inches.

We’ve been selling vintage beads for over 15 years and have accumulated lots of beautiful single orphan and small lots left over from sold out stock. Here’s a opportunity to grab some of these out of production beauties at a bargain price.

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