Vintage genuine Apple coral rondelles. 8x15.5mm. Package of 2. B4-cor382

Vintage genuine Apple coral rondelles. 8x15.5mm. Package of 2. B4-cor3


Item #: B4-cor382
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Vintage rare genuine and gorgeous Apple coral rondelle disks. . These are hand cut and size and shape vary slightly, the average size being 8x15.5. The vivid colors on these beads range from light yellow to dark orange with some of the brown markings you find in Tiger Coral. The color of these beads is natural, these are not color treated . They've been sealed and polished. Package of 2. We'll match them in size and color as best we can. 

Currently Apple Coral is becoming rare and hard to find in the bead trade since coral collection and mining was banned worldwide in 1992. Also the United States currently has an import ban on coral from the Philippines. These beads are from a collectors estate and were imported from the Philippines sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's. Apple Coral is naturally a dark brick red; however it lightens with exposure to heat or extended direct sunlight. 

The "apple coral" produced today is painted limestone. Truthful sellers will describe them as Limestone Apple Coral.

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