Vintage Czech Bohemia brass filigree brooch with red molded glass stone. pnbg1011

Vintage Czech Bohemia brass filigree brooch pin red molded glass stone


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Antique vintage early 20th-century brooch from Gablonz, Bohemia, northern Czechoslovakia. A classic example of Gürtler brass work done in the city of Gablonz up to the 1930s.  Gürtler refers to the layering of brass elements, creating a dimensional look  .This brooch has layers of filigree  set onto a stamped brass base.  A red floral stone is bezel set atop the filigree and bordered with four daisy like filigree elements.  C-clasp that looks to have been repaired at some time. 1.75 x 1.5 inches and .5 inches in thickness.  This is a stunning and beautiful example of classic old Czech jewelry in excellent condition.

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