Vintage Chinese carved Lapis Lazuli Shou bead and Akoya baroque pearl necklace. 27 inches. nlbd989

Vintage Chinese Lapis Lazuli Shou bead Akoya baroque pearl necklace


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A graduated set of rare and unusual carved Lapis Lazuli Shou beads highlight this necklace. Each Lapis Shou bead was painstakingly carved with the symbol for longevity The lapis is high quality. guaranteed all natural with random clusters of golden pyrite.,These beads alternate with lustrous Akoya baroque pearls. These sculptural pearls shine with orient...that trick of the light that shows pearl white with a reflection of pinks and greens across its surface  The beauty of this necklace will draw attention and awe. At 27 inches long, it has an impressive clasp of gold vermeil set with a matching Lapis stone. The largest Shou bead is almost an inch in diameter, 23mm and the smallest Shou bead is 12mm, followed by small uncarved Lapis beads behind the neck. Baroque pearls are approximately 8 to 9 mm. 165 grams.

This is a rare one of a kind necklace both the Lapis and Akoya pearls date to no early to mid-20th century.  These carved Lapis Shou beads are very hard to find.

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