Vintage carved Mediterranean large carved variegated coral bead necklace. 30 inches 18k vermeil clasp. nlja881

Vintage Mediterranean large carved variegated coral bead necklace


Item #: j-ja-nl881
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This lovely and timely beauty will soon be a fleeting memory. Mediterranean coral of the variegated kind (facing extinction) is featured in this fabulous and rare one of a kind necklace. The variegated coral necklace is comprised of graduated carved Italian coral Circa 1930's. The variegated colors are contrasting and bold. The Chinese carving is clean and deeply executed. The 30 inch length graduates from approximately 13mm to over 17mm. Each bead is individually knotted with coral color silk cord. 18k vermeil clasp. This 30" long hand knotted fine grade stunning variegated coral weighs 170.5 grams and is comprised of 49 beads. Comparable necklaces are very hard to find and very costly. These superb and rare beads have been examined to our GIA certified gemologist and certified to be completely natural and untreated.

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