Vintage 1930's-1940's Fred Harvey style Navajo sterling silver and turquoise cuff bracelet. brvs980cs

Vintage Fred Harvey style Navajo sterling and turquoise cuff bracelet.


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Vintage 30's-40's Fred Harvey style sterling silver stamped cuff bracelet with applied bezel setting with silver bead border and oval green turquoise stone. Quadruple split cuff with applied crossed arrows on either side of the turquoise and stamped scalloped border on top and bottom bands. Decorative stamping long the cuff end with repousse silver buttons and thunderbirds.

This beautiful bracelet is from the Fred Harvey Era, when Route 66 had been completed and tourists from the east were passing through the southwest. This type of bracelet sold at the Fred Harvey shops along the highway and popular tourist destinations. The Fred Harvey Company stocked its many hotel gift shops with Native American crafts which were extremely popular with tourists. A very popular item of course was Native-style jewelry. This bracelet is a style popular in Fred Harvey stores.

Inside circumference: 6"
Weight: 23.1 grams
Band width at center: 1"

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