Victorian tourmaline pendant / brooch with freshwater and Mississippi River pearls. pdvc167

Victorian tourmaline pendant with freshwater and Mississippi pearls


Item #: j-vc-pd167
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An absolutely splendid old Victorian brooch/ pendant.…pieces of such quality and elegance are seldom seen. Fashioned in 9-10K gold the piece features a gorgeous round faceted pink Tourmaline with twelve surrounding natural American freshwater pearls, and lovely lyrical wire work. The 12K gold filled chain measures 15 ½ inches in length and the pendant is 1 ¼ x 1 inch in size. There is a pin back with a C clasp and extended pin (typical with Victorian pins) all in good order. This piece would be impossible to duplicate for the modest asking price. Good condition; all the pearls are present. Circa: 1890-1900 Tourmaline: Brazil Pearls: Mississippi River

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