Superb pair of vintage Chinese carved Hedaio fruit pit beads. b7-wo344

Superb pair of vintage Chinese carved fruit pit Hedaio beads. b7-wo344


Item #: b7-wo344
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The miniature folk art of fruit pit carving has been practiced in China for centuries. These are two mid-20th century elaborate finely carved figural beads    One bead depicts a male figure astride a Foo Lion. The other bead depicts a robed figure clutching a scaled lizard climbing up his back.  The images are carved in skilled detail around entire surface of the beads.   These were purchased in Hong Kong in the early 1970s. Carvings with this level of handwork are not being produced today. Each is individually hand carved and so vary slightly in size and detail. Beads are 38mm and 41mm.

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