Shiva Lingam stone pendants from Narmada River, India. Side drilled. 4 pieces. b4-jas279

Shiva Lingam stone pendants Narmada River, India.Side drilled. 4 pcs


Item #: b4-jas279
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Four vintage  Shiva Lingam stone pendants.   Smooth egg shaped stones from the Narmada River in India.  Side drilled at the top with a 2.5mm hole.  These are a crypto-crystalline Quartz contining a mixture of agate, basalt and jasper.  The smooth egg shape is formed from natural tumbling within the Narmada River, where it is gathered and hand polished by villagers. These are 4 particularly beautiful examples and measure 34x21mm, 28x18mm, 29x16mm and 27x14mm.  They are from  a collector's estate and were acquired in India in the 1970s.   

The River is a holy site in India and the stone carries great spiritual significance in the Hindu religion.  they represent a blending of male and female energy.

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