Set of 2 Vintage Peking glass opaque white with mottled green and pink rings as used on Chinese sewing baskets. 25mm. b10-0415

2 Vintage Peking glass opaque white and mottled green pink rings 25mm


Item #: b10-0415
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From a collectors estate: Vintage Peking glass ring from early to mid 20th century in a translucent cobalt blue These are hand-made glass rings and were originally made as handles on Chinese wicker sewing baskets along with silk tassels and coins.. They are flat on the inside and rounded on the outside. Outer diameter measures 41mm and is 7mm thick. 1 piece. These rings are hand-made and some have slight irregularities in shape. Some may need a bath; they're quite old. You'll see lots of bubbles in them, one of the lovely features of old Peking glass.

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