Rare Vintage Persian deep bright blue faience donkey beads 11 pc lot, rare and handmade B2-626-4

Rare vintage Persian deep bright blue faience donkey beads 5 pc lot


Item #: B2-626-4
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From a collector's estate, an 11 piece lot of rare vintage Persian faience Donkey beads. The Donkey bead is a Faience bead, an ancient non-clay based ceramic of quartz and sand used 5500 years ago in ancient Egypt. Faience was often a substitute for lapis lazuli and turquoise. The city of Qom, in Iran, is the only place where traditional faience Donkey beads are still being made. This bead is made from quartz that is crushed, molded with a cobalt blue glaze. Each bead is hand made.  This is a nicely matched set with an average size of 28mm long.

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