Rare vintage silver and brick red enamel cloisonne barrel beads, 1960s. 12x10mm. Pkg. 2 b2-648

vintage silver and red cloisonne barrel beads, 1960s. 12x10mm. Pkg. 2


Item #: b2-648
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Vintage silver and brick-red enamel cloisonne barrel beads, c. 1960s  A rare Chinese export bead.  The cloisonne cells are made with silver strips (They are most often done in gold)  Cloisonne flowers encircle the middle of the barrel.  There are silver cloud motifs along the edges.  12x10mm.  Really beautiful and well made substantial beads.

These older vintage cloisonné beads are made with superior craftmanship and thicker enamel than contemporary cloisonne beads.

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