Victorian gold filled taille d'epargne bar pin. pnvn777(e)

Victorian gold filled taille d'epargne bar pin. pnvn777(e)

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This pin is a really fine example of the delicate black enamel work known as taille d'epargne found in Victorian jewelry. The pin has an ornate outline brought out in high relief by a recessed design that resembles bright cutting, but on close examination it can be seen that the effected is created using a repose technique. The enamel is in the form of leaves, flowers and vines with a triple arrow motif on the raised center of he pin which is flanked by two recessed t-shared metal decorations. The raised center has been bolted into place. An elaborate repose pattern surrounds the enamel on the rectangular top of the raised center and on the body of the pin. Under 10x magnification it is possible to see that there is some loss of the enamel. The pin back is a c-clasp that has some bending and distortion from being worn and the mechanism of the clasp has been repaired with a bent headpin. 1.75" x .5"

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