19th century Michaelangelo cameo brooch. pnvc990

19th century Michaelangelo cameo brooch. pnvc990

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In the 19th century it was popular for Americans and Europeans to go on Grand Tour. Touring Europe and ultimately to Italy where fabulous souvenirs were obtained. This is such a souvenir. a shell cameo with profile of Michaelangelo expertly carved. Apricot and dark grey pigments have been applied to the profile to bring out the details in the clothing and hair of the man against the milky shell. The frame is sterling silver. The last owner of this cameo had identified the profile as Michaelangelo. This may have been a pendant or else it had lost its pinback long ago. The last owner attached a modern pinback to it which is very functional and can't be seen when worn but not in character with the rest of the brooch. Priced accordingly.

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