Dades Valley Morocco styled antique silver perfume amulet necklace with silver niello prayer boxes and amber beads. nlet803e.

Dades Valley Morocco styled antique silver perfume amulet necklace


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From the estate of a collector of superb ethnic jewelry. An old North African pendant necklace. Pendant is an antqiue silver perfume amulet, engraved niello on the domed top, Has silver niello dangling pendants. There is a loop for a 5th central pendant Pendant dangles from a long chain of silver niello prayer boxes, amber beads, and granulated silver beads. The amber beads are a combination of light yellow opaque genuine Moroccan amber, translucent genuine amber and translucent resin beads. 3 of the translucent beads respond to the static electricity test and 3 do not. The beads are wired together with silver wire with a length of silver chain at the top. The perfume amulet, prayer box faces and granulated beads all test 800 silver or higher. This piece, in whole or part comes from the Dades Valley in Morocco. The amulet likely dates from the 19th century. The prayer boxes are a traditional Berber design and likely from the same area. The circumference of the necklace is 22 inches and the amulet hangs an additional 3-3/4 inches. The amulet is quite large: 1-3/4 inches in diameter and 1-1/2 inches thick at the tip of the dome. It is hollow and although it is a perfume box, it appears to be fused shut

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