Necklace with rare Czech Ballotini beads. nlbd1166e

Necklace with rare Czech Ballotini beads. nlbd1166e


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This necklace is newly made with extremely rare Bohemian1920's Ballotini beads. One large centerpiece bead and seven small beads. Mixed with matching vintage silvered and fuscia glass seed beads and filigree clasp. The large center bead is in almost perfect condition with minimal loss of the tiny glass balls affixed to the surface. There is a little were to the small oval Ballotini beads. These magnificent beads were made in the 1920s and earlier by affixing swirls of microscopic glass balls to a wood surface. They have a velvety luster. We had these last of our Ballontini beads in our personal hoard composed this necklace with vintage components. Necklace is 20 inches and large bead drop is 1-3/4 inches long.

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