Mid-century long necklace of knotted square cut Baltic Amber beads in contrasting shades of honey and cognac. 52 in. nlbd1280

Vintage necklace of square cut Baltic Amber beads in honey and cognac

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This generous 52” long strand of square cut multicolored amber dazzles when worn. Amber is a magical substance that is millions of years old. Harvested from the remote beaches of the Baltic Sea, it’s pure golden honey tones contrast the  rich colors of cognac. This strand was made when amber was at the height of fashion, a detail for your wardrobe that conveys thoughts of warm honey and with a seductive luster. Drape yourself in amber, wear it long or wrap it up to three times! Each bead is an artistically cut, angled or cube like, graduated from half inch chunks to delicate 1/4” beads by the clasp. Highly polished and knotted with a Sterling silver Vermeil pearl clasp.  52 grams

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